our past

history of MBC

On September 6, 1856, a group of 13 believers in this community sent a request to the Crooked Creed Baptist Church requesting permission to withdraw from that congregation. They wished to form "The Spring Creek Regular Baptist Church of Jesus Christ." On September 20, 1856, this request was approved. Names included in the original list of believers included Penrose, Shadinger, Morrow, Kingery, Brown, Rhodes, Smith, and Yantis.

The church first met in an old church building located on what was known as the Douglas farm in Clay Township. Soon the services were transferred to the Craven's School House, District 5, in Bethlehem Township. In 1859, a 34x48' building was built on the present site at the cost of $1200. The ground was donated by Joseph Penrose and his wife, and the building was dedicated that year.

On August 23,1884, the church name was officially changed to "Metea Baptist Church." In 1885, the church was redecorated and remodeled. In 1903, gas lights were added. The building was used until 1921, when a new structure was constructed at a cost of $26,707. It was dedicated on April 22,1922.

On October 26,1975, a new parsonage, located across the highway, was built and dedicated. On April 15, 1984, a 24'x70' addition to the classrooms, basement, and sanctuary was completed and dedicated at a cost of $128,000.

The church remodeled and redecorated the sanctuary in the spring of 2000.

The exterior of the church was landscaped and a new sign was added in 2004.

our present

what we believe

Baptists have always recognized the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as our final authority, interpreted within the community of faith under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Baptists have traditionally been hesitant to develop creeds or statements of faith because we do not believe such documents have the same authority as Scripture. Additionally, there have always been disagreements among Baptists regarding matters of opinion, so it has always been difficult to speak on behalf of all Baptists, or even a smaller group of Baptists. Nevertheless, many Baptist bodies, including the American Baptist Churches, USA, have found it prudent to set forth basic descriptions of what the majority of our members believe about the major issues. The following link will direct you to the document, "We Are American Baptists," which sets forth to do just that.

our future

our mission