"Metea Baptist Church is a community of believers in Jesus Christ who are committed to living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ through meaningful worship, Biblical education, worldwide outreach, and embracing unity in a spirit of love."


mark foreman

He has served as Pastor at Metea Baptist Church since 2015. He is a graduate of Liberty and Indiana Universities. Mark began ministry in 1984 and is in the 35th year of proclaiming the good news of salvation by the works of Jesus Christ - the risen Lord of Glory. The focal point of Mark's teaching is the Biblical mandate to glorify God and enjoy Him - both now and forever. email  

Youth pastor

Tyler Murphy

He has served as Youth Pastor at Metea since 2013. Tyler and Sara Murphy are both originally from Miami County Indiana and now live in the parsonage across from the church. Tyler has a degree in Biblical Studies/Youth Ministries from Grace College. Sara is a photographer (check out some of her amazing work featured here on our site!) who specializes in newborns and families. Tyler and Sara welcomed a daughter, Nora Danny into their lives in December of 2017. They are both passionate about Youth Ministry and equipping the next generation to love God with their whole life, and to love their neighbors as themselves. email